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Mary LeBus - Teaching the HarpMary LeBus loves to teach and to get people started playing the harp. Her specialty is working with people who have thought that they were not musical. She helps them find their musical voice.

The harp is a lovely instrument to learn on, because it can be set in a tuning where there are no wrong notes. The student learns basic technique using this tuning so they will sound good from the beginning, and be motivated to continue.

People of all ages learn to play. Mary’s youngest student was 6. She and her mother learned together. Mary’s oldest student? Well, Mary has a “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy, but Claire was at least in her 70s.¬†She had some arthritis in her hands, but was still able to make beautiful music with a modified technique.

Mary stresses the fun and joy of making music.

Mary LeBus - Harp TeachingMary Lebus - Teaching the Harp

Mary LeBus

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