Memorial Services

For funerals, the gentle and soothing sounds of the harp creates a meditative, reflective, and peaceful atmosphere. Mary can play for the funeral or memorial service, the wake, and the reception afterward. She can also play outdoors at a graveside service.

Mary will play a selection of light classical and traditional music; People don’t need to specify individual songs for her to play, but are welcome to do so if they like.

Mary generally does not play a set list of music, because so often people will make requests at the event: “Can you play Amazing Grace? That was Mama’s favorite song.” Then a few minutes later someone will say Please play “In the Garden”….Aunt Sara loved that!”

So Mary is very flexible when it comes to requests. It is important to her that the music be really special and healing to the people there.

Mary LeBus - Harpist Memorial Funeral

Mary LeBus plays Danny Boy

Mary LeBus

Harp from the Heart
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