Program Testimonials

Mary Thank you for the beautiful performance you gave to our residents at Covenant Place of Burleson. They loved your perforamce and have made me promise to have you back!! Thank you for letting me play the harp something I have always wanted to do and you made it come true. 05/14/12

Connie RichardsonCovenant Place of Burleson

Mary, It was a pleasure meeting you the other day. I had come to visit my mother at the Dallas Center of Rehabilitation and your group came to sing and minister to the residents. Mother and I really enjoyed the singing and getting to meet all of you. I was especially excited when I saw you brought a couple of your harps and played. I think the harp is a beautiful instrument and enjoy the music! I instantly recognized the song Amazing Grace you played. I hope to learn more Tabatha 10/29/11

Tabatha Turner

Mary, Thank you so very much for agreeing to play for our holiday party. Words can not express how wonderful the music was.We had 60 plus people at the party and everyone thought that the music was spectacular. The party would not have been as festive without your music. Amazing job. It would be my privilege to give you an outstanding recommendation. Thank you again, Kim 12/06/07

Kim Cerra

Dear Mary, I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to sit on the receiving end of compliments left and right about your work for us at Entertainers Plus! It has been wonderful to say the least. You put alot of joy in people’s hearts and that’s what means the most to us! Not to mention the beautiful playing you do! Your shows are unique and it has been a pleasure depending on you! And, if we had more time to spend together we would be better pals, your personality is a true gem in this tough world – the sort of treasure you don’t want to miss out on even for a moment! You deserve the best of anything that your heart wants! With Love Always, Sue Davis 11/06/07

Sue DavisEntertainers Plus

I was fortunate enough to listen and see Mary perform at the Ocean Grove Historical Society’s 2007 Museum opening weekend. Mary was delightful, kidding with the audience, playing selections on the harp and answering questions posed by the audience. She even had a couple “volunteers” come up and help play her harps, which sounded nice, suprising not only the audience but the volunteers themselves. Mary makes the harp look easy to play and her cheerful disposition certainly adds to the time she is there. Thanks for a nice afternoon social Mary!!! 05/21/07

Mark RossmanProgram Director The Wellness Community of Central New Jersey
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