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Mary Lebus - Harp TherapyMary LeBus is a Certified Harp Practitioner, with a certification from the International Harp Therapy Program. She has played the harp at the bedside of many hospital and hospice patients. She uses her musical experience and her training to help patients and families. Harp music is so peaceful, and where appropriate, Mary helps the patient play on a small harp. This is empowering in a situation where people can often feel quite helpless.

Mary is currently working with children who are hospitalized as a part of the Musical Angels program. She helps them learn to play simple tunes, and make up their own music on the harp. She leaves two harps in the hospital where she works, Medical City Children’s Hospital, ¬†for kids to use between visits.

Mary LeBus plays for people with dementia in nursing facilities. They often remember music from their youth, and enjoy it and respond strongly to it, sometimes even singing along. And the staff respond well, because it makes the patients seem alive and whole, and they can see that there is a person still inside there. People respond to  music from their youth when they respond to almost nothing else.

She also plays at the bedside of people who are in their last hours. This is so variable depending on where they are in the dying process, and the needs of the family present.

Mary LeBus - Harp TherapyMary LeBus - Harp Therapy

Mary LeBus

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