Wedding Ceremony Music

Harpist - Mary LeBusMary LeBus has played for more than 170 weddings both in New Jersey and in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Harp wedding ceremony music is elegant, soothing and relaxing. It sets a wonderful ambiance for indoor or outdoor weddings. Mary’s flexibility allows changes in the music on short notice.

Mary meets well in advance with the bride and groom and plays musical selections for them so they can choose just exactly the music that they want to have for their wedding.

If time permits, she will learn special music that they may want.

Mary LeBus spends a lot of time with consultations and preparation, because she wants their music to be just exactly what they want.

Mary feels that 30 years after their wedding, will people remember what menu they had to eat at their reception? Maybe…..
Will they remember if they had white roses or white carnations for the bouquets? Maybe……..

Will they remember that they had beautiful harp music to walk down to aisle to? Most definitely.

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Mary LeBus

Harp from the Heart
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